Frequently asked questions

What kitchen amenities do you provide?

When we say, "Just bring you fresh food", we really mean it!
We provide: - Ice and water out of the filtered fridge. Please do not bring bottled water. - Condiments - Maple Syrup - Salt + Pepper - Oil + VInegar - Sugar (Raw + Refined) - Honey - Coffee + Tea - Flour - Spices - Indoor + Outdoor dishware (please do not bring disposable plastic) - Glassware - Serving trays + Bowls - Cookware - frying pans + pots + roasting pan - Tea towels + dish cloths - Paper towels - Dishsoap - Dishwasher Pods - Oven Mitts - BBQ utensils - Propane for the bbq - Mixer, baking essentials, muffin tins, cake pans etc And more! Ask before you pack!

What other essentials do you provide?

We provide all: - Linens + Towels - Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bath salts and bubble bath - Hand soap - Laundry soap + dryer balls - Bug Spray - Hair Dryer - First Aid Kit - Firewood, kindling, paper + lighter - Books, board games and outdoor games for the whole family - DVD's

We are travelling with kids. What do I need to bring?

We have three kids of our own. Between toys, clothes and carseats, there isn't much room left for the important things, like food and wine. That's why we supply: - Toys, books + movies - Crayons + colouring books - Bassinet and playpen - Highchair - Baby Swing - Exersaucer - Playmat - Plastic Kitchenware - Bathmat

Can I bring my dog?

Good news! You don't have to send your best buddy to the doggy kennel, you can bring your wellbehaved and hosue trained dog along. We just ask that you stick to our easy to follow rules. 1) Clean up after your dog in the yard. 2) Wipe paws before they come inside. 3) Keep the gate locked at the top of the stairs, so your dog does not go downstairs. We have white carpet and would appreciate your help keeping it clean. 4) Do not allow your pets on the beds or furniture. Woof, woof!

How do we get there?

The address and directions will be given upon booking. We are located midway between Belleville and Napanee, about 15 minutes north off Shannonville Road.

How do we get in?

We greet all of our guests on site to introduce you to the space and make sure you are comfortable operating the stereo, hot tub and a few other things. You will be provided with a unique and temporary door code for the duration of your stay.

When is check in and check out?

Check in time is 4pm. Check out is 11am. Inquire about early arrivals and late departures.

What is your policy on extra guests, parties and special events?

We must be informed of any extra guests on site, either during the daytime or overnight. Extra overnight guests are welcome at a rate of $75/person/night. We do not allow parties or special events without prior consent. Please inquiry about special events, weddings, corporate and wellness retreats.

What's with all this "don't bring plastic' business?

We understand that getting away is a time to celebrate, connect and relax as a group. While you might be inclined to take the easy route and bring along disposable cups, plates and utensils as well as bottled water, we ask that you don't. The fridge produces an unlimited supply of filtered water and we have invested in reuasble outdoor cups, wine glasses and dishware in an effort to reduce our single use plastic output. We ask that you do your part and leave the single use plastic on the store shelves. Yes, you will have to wash the dishes - sorry, not sorry! We also understand that you might want to mark the occasion with special decor; such as balloons, banners and trinkets, but we ask that you please be mindful of the lasting effect that these disposable items have on the planet and that you help us with our committment to reduce our output of plastic and single use items, by keeping this to a minimum. Your group may appreciate it for a few days, but after you have had your fun, it lives in the landfill - FOREVER. We truly apprecaite your help with this. xo

What props are supplied in the studio?

We have yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets and meditation cushions for 12 yogis. We also provide a bluetooth speaker. There are also some weights, skipping robes and a few other fun things kicking around!

How many bedrooms are there and what is the layout?

We can accommodate approximately 14 guests. There are four bedrooms, plus main spaces for sleeping. Bedroom #1: One king bed, two twins Bedroom #2: One queen bed Bedroom #3: Four twin beds Bedroom #4: Can either be set up as a king bed and two twins or four twins. Please let us know your preference. Main Space: One double pull out We also have air mattresses, extra bedding, a bassinet and playpen.

Can we swim in the creek?

Yes you can! It might be called Parks Creek, but it is really more like your own private river oasis. The water is approximately 6 feet deep, with a creekside dock, island and waterfall. There are some fish in the creek as well. Enjoy sun bathing creekside, swimming, exploring, fishing, jumping off the raft and whatever else you like to do by the water! In the winter we maintain a skating rink, with the cooperation of mother nature of course. The creek runs fairly fast in the spring and it is deep, so please be cautious with little ones. Bring lifejackets and puddle jumpers as required. We also recommend water shoes as there are lots of rocks. Kids and dogs love to explore the creekside. There is an adventure around every tree and under every rock. Be prepared to spend lots of time by the water's edge.